What Is A Kegerator?

kegeratorWhat is a Kegerator? A kegerator is a refrigerator that is used to keep a keg of draft beer at a constant temperature. The beer is dispensed by a tap usually found at the top of the kegerator. These devices can keep a keg of beer in a perfect state for long periods of time without losing any quality. The obvious place you will find these are in bars or pubs, but you can also purchase these for your home.

One of the most important aspects of a kegerator is the CO2 tank. CO2 gas is used to keep the beer pressurized and is vital to keep the beer from going stale. It also helps to keep pressure in the tubes so that you are able to pour a consistent pint of beer from the tap.

There are different sizes of kegerators available depending on your needs. You can get them in one, two or multiple tap varieties. Many pubs or restaurants have multi-tap kegerators, but the cost is significantly more than the single or double tap variety. There are also devices that are made for home use with mini kegs. These ones are very portable and handy for smaller get-togethers.

There are dozens of different manufacturers that make kegerators or you can make one yourself with a Kegerator conversion kit. If you are handy, it isn’t too difficult to do. The kits provide you with everything you need and also a set of instructions that help you convert a used refrigerator or freezer for less than purchasing a manufactured one. However, you likely won’t get as good of results as purchasing one specifically designed for beer kegs.

Is There a Cost Savings?

Just like most other products that you can purchase in bulk, it is much cheaper to buy a keg than to purchase individual bottles or cans of beer. In general, you can save anywhere from 40 to 70% when purchasing a keg, depending on your brand of beer. If you are into local craft draft beers, you can often save considerably when purchasing a keg. Contact your local craft brewery to inquire how much it costs to purchase a keg.

Why Buy a Kegerator?

  • To save a lot of money
  • To have perfect tasting draft beer
  • Excellent for entertaining large or small gatherings
  • Convenience

And most of all… it’s a really cool feature in your man cave!


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