Keg Cooler Reviews – Which Is The Best Beer Kegerator?

In this review, we will look at a few of the best and most popular single tap kegerators on the market today. There are a lot of choices out there so we will hope to help you narrow down your decision on which beer kegerator suits your needs with our list below. If you are looking for mini kegerators, we have reviewed many of them here.

Danby Chill’n Tap Beer Keg Cooler

Danby Chill'n Tap Beer Keg CoolerThe Danby Chill’n Tap is black with a steel door face and is a sharp looking little kegerator. It is free standing indoor keg chiller that is built to hold a half or full keg of beer. I have this unit in my basement and even though it isn’t a true undercounter cooler, I drilled a hole in the bar and mounted the tap and sealed the hole. It looks and works great. We have a lot of company with large and small family gatherings who manage to drink a lot of beer. Needless to say, the kegs get changed often and we have never had a problem with it. It pours a perfect pint and we get compliments on it and on our bar setup all the time. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is only one tap :).

The Danby kegerator chills beer to the perfect temperature without fail. It doesn’t take too long either to chill a whole keg and the air pressure is consistent leaving the perfect head on every glass. It runs quietly and we have had no technical issues what-so-ever. Danby keg coolers can be hit and miss, but this kegerator is very good machine and for the price, this one is a great buy that I highly recommend.

Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegerator

Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 KegeratorThe Nostalgia Electrics kegerator is a very inexpensive keg cooler. You can often find them for around $350 with free shipping, which is a tempting offer. Everybody loves to save money and get a good deal, but is this really a good deal?

The Nostaligia kegerator gets mixed reviews. Many reviews prior to 2011 talk about a poor quality regulator that caused poor performance and many had to be replaced. We are pleased to say though that those problems have been addressed with the new units. The regulator has been changed to include a lockable output valve with dual guages. This helps when changing the CO2 tank by saving the settings so you don’t have to adjust it for a new tank.

Not only is it a nice looking cooler, the performance of this unit is also outstanding. It cools beer quickly and runs ultra-quiet. The castors on the bottom make it very portable so you can move it to wherever the party is happening.

I wasn’t sure I what I was going to think about this kegerator. In previous years I had heard many bad reviews for the unit. Poor instruction manual, bad regulator, etc. Nostalgia should be congratulated with the changes they have made to this kegerator. It truly is an outstanding machine and one that I would purchase if I didn’t have my Chill’n Tap already.

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EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer CoolerThis was our second choice when looking for single tap beer kegerators. The Edgestar is all black with a stainless steel tap. It is a sharp looking unit as well, but not quite as nice as the Chill’n Tap above. This unit holds the standard 1/4 and 1/2 kegs that is usually large enough for at-home use. The only reason we didn’t purchase this unit was because it couldn’t hold a full keg, which we like to use for family reunions or bigger gatherings.

The EdgeStar kegerator is a well-build keg cooler that keeps beer cool and pours an excellent glass of beer. At this price point it is tough to beat. EdgeStar has excellent customer service and even has a page with helpful videos and links to all of their manual to help you solve issues or get started.,-Manuals-Guides/SUPPORT_KEGERATORS,default,pg.html

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Haier HBF05EBSS Draft Beer Dispenser

Haier HBF05EBSS Draft Beer DispenserThe Haier kegerator is a really nice looking keg cooler. It has a black outer shell with a really nice stainless steel door. This single tap kegerator holds 1/2, 1/4 and mini kegs. For this price, the Haier keg cooler is not the best buy you can get. Add to the fact that their customer service isn’t very good and this is probably a kegerator you should stay away from. We also found that this unit was noisier than others in the list. There are many Haier coolers that we have liked, but this one just doesn’t have the quality control that some of their other units have had. If you want a single tap kegerator, I would stay away from this model and choose one of the others in the list.

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Final Verdict – Who’s The Winner?

So which kegerator do we think is the winner? We do like the EdgeStar, but lean towards the Danby Chill ‘n Tap. This is a really nice beer cooler, that poors a great beer, looks great and doesn’t break the bank. If you are looking for a kegerator, you can’t go wrong with this Danby.

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