EdgeStar Dual Tap Kegerator Review: Ice Cold Beer on Demand

EdgeStar Dual Tap kegeratorLooking for a simple and easy way to set up your own home or commercial brewing system that serves cold draft beer? EdgeStar’s dual tap kegerator offers ultra-low temperatures, so you can store and serve your favorite beer under brewery-standard conditions. With a sleek black design, this kegerator will look great in your kitchen, game room, garage, or any other room of the house.

While there are some restrictions as to what type of kegs you can store in this kegerator, EdgeStar’s model is one of the best you can buy for home or light commercial use. Let’s take a closer look at what this model has to offer.

EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Dual Tap Kegerator Features

  • Can store two sixth or homebrewed kegs, or one full-sized Sankey standard keg (half-shell)
  • Temperature range of low 30s to mid-40s
  • Dimensions: 48 1/2 x 20 1/10 x 24 13/16
  • 81.6 pounds
  • 105 W
  • NSF approved, commercial grade beer lines
  • Double tap
  • UL listed
  • 5-pound aluminum CO2 cylinder (comes empty)
  • Includes casters for easy transport

Our Review of the EdgeStar Full-Size, Twin-Tap Kegerator

The EdgeStar two tap kegerator is for serious beer enthusiasts. If you love craft beer, this model is the perfect choice for you. Part of the reason why this kegerator is such a great buy is because it offers ultra-low temperature settings. At the end of the day, this is really the most important thing. If you’re like most people, you like your beer ice cold, and this is exactly what this kegerator can provide.

Ultra-Low Temperature Range

According to EdgeStar, this unit offers a temperature range of 37° to 41°, and we would say that this estimate is accurate. It is possible to make this unit even colder, but you’ll need to call EdgeStar’s customer service to get detailed instructions on how to adjust the thermostat (or search Google for the same instructions – you’ll find them on beer forums).

The unit’s temperature is controlled by a dial with six settings, with one being the warmest and six being the coldest. Unfortunately, the temperature dial does not display the exact temperature, so you’ll need to experiment with different settings to find the perfect temperature for your beer.

Full-Size Standard Keg or Two Sixth Kegs

This EdgeStar unit has enough space to store one full-sized standard keg (with limited exceptions), or 2 sixth kegs.

The only drawback with this model is that it’s not compatible with Miller rubberized, cores or any other oversized keg. But for most people, this will not be an issue. This beer fridge is ideal for craft beer and homebrewed (cornelius) kegs.

Includes Everything You Need To Get Started

EdgeStar has gone above and beyond to ensure that this unit comes with everything you need to get started. A 5 pound CO2 cylinder is included (arrives empty), and the unit is equipped with NSF approved beer lines.

This UL approved unit features a reversible door, 2, 2-piece drip trays, a safety rail and tower (chrome), protective floorplate, and easy-to-read pressure gauge.

The only thing you have to do is fill the CO2 cylinder, and you’re ready to get started. Although it’s not necessary, we do recommend purchasing an additional ball lock connector for this unit as well as a cleaning kit.

Easy Set-Up

The last thing you want is to invest in a kegerator that’s complicated or difficult to set up. This EdgeStar ships complete and includes all the components you need to get started.

While we do admit that the instructions are lacking, this beer fridge is easy enough to assemble without them. We highly recommend watching EdgeStar’s helpful assembly video to make the set up process even easier.

Easy Transport and Tap Handle Customization

The EdgeStar dual-tap beer fridge comes with casters, so it’s easy to move this unit around the room or from one room to another. At 81 pounds, this unit is still quite heavy, but the wheels make transporting this kegerator effortless.

In addition, this unit allows you to customize its tap handle to match the brew that you’re serving.


  • Ultra-low temperatures keep beer ice cold
  • Easy set up
  • Pressure gauge is easy to read
  • Rolling casters make it easy to transport this beer fridge
  • Customizable tap handles
  • Enough room to store two sixth or cornelius kegs, or 1 standard keg


  • Does not support oversized kegs
  • Can be noisy

Many users still complain that they can’t fit their oversized kegs in this unit – even though EdgeStar makes it clear that this unit is for standard or sixth kegs.

The only minor complaint we had with this unit was that it was a bit noisy at times. According to EdgeStar, this is completely normal, so don’t expect your kegerator to be silent. This wasn’t a deal-breaker by any means, and this beer fridge was still quiet enough to keep in our kitchen or living room.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a kegerator that will keep your beer ice cold and offers dual tap operation, this EdgeStar 2 tap kegerator is the ideal choice for you.

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