Which Is The Best And Most Reliable 12 Bottle Wine Cooler?

There are a lot of manufacturers who make a 12 bottle wine refrigerator, but which is the right one for you? We hope to make your choice easier with our reviews below.

Haier Wine Cooler – 12 Bottle Dual Zone

Haier Wine CoolerThe first thing you will notice is that this Haier wine fridge (click here for more info now) has a very sleek and stylish look. The cooler is black with a nice curved, tinted glass door. You can see two cool blue led temperature displays through the door that control the temperature of the upper and lower wine racks. It is an impressive looking cooler that you will want out on display for others to admire.

The dual zone system allows you to set different temperatures for the upper and lower wine coolers. It is perfect for keeping both red and white wines at the perfect temperature. The upper zone can go from 46-66 degrees Fahrenheit and the lower can go from 54-66 degrees Fahrenheit. Both hold their temperatures consistently that were also verified by our own thermometers. Even though this unit is inexpensive, Haier did not go cheap on materials. The door is double paned and seals perfectly. It is thermoelectric which means that it runs very quietly and without vibrations. We have this unit in our kitchen and don’t notice it running at all.

Overall this is our top choice for a small wine cooler. It is dual zone, looks great and inexpensive. Pretty tough to argue with those qualities. Haier wine coolers are usually really great machines and this one isn’t any different.

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NewAir Wine Cooler – AW-121E 12 Bottles

NewAir 12 Bottle Wine CoolerNewAir is known for making really good quality cooling products. The AW-121E 12 bottle wine cooler is no different. This is a very nice wine cooler that we were very happy with. It has a nice stainless steel finish and would look great in any bar area. It doesn’t have the same stylish appeal as the Haier, but depending on where you display it you may not care.

The NewAir AW-121E is a single zone cooler with a LED display at the top of the cooler. The temperature is consistent and the cooler is thermoelectric so it runs quietly, is efficient and doesn’t vibrate. The thermoelectric motor isn’t as quiet as the Haier, but it is still at an acceptable level. Overall this is a nice unit that works great and does the job.

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Spt Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler 12-Bottles

SPT Wine CoolerThe Spt Wine Cooler is another slick black cooler with a glass door and temperature controls on the top. The temperature can be adjusted between 51 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit and it also comes with the vibration free controller so wine sediment isn’t disturbed during the cooling process. The wine cooler itself has a very slim design so if you limited in space then this unit would fit the bill.

We found this wine fridge to be a little noisier than some of the others on this list. The cooling fan sounds like a desktop computer fan at times and can be a little noisy. There have also been users have have said that their fridge had failed after about a year of use. People that we know that have this fridge haven’t had that issue yet and have really loved their purchase.

Overall this is a nice looking fridge, saves space, performs well and is priced right. However, it is a little noisy and probably isn’t as reliable as the NewAir or Haier.

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Danby Wine Cooler – DWC1233BL-SC 12 Bottles

Danby 12 Bottle Wine CoolerThe Danby 12 bottle counter top wine cooler is a nice looking and very inexpensive unit. The wine fridge is black with a large glass door in the front and has a blue LED push button thermostat on the top. The Danby DWC1233B wine cooler does not user refrigerants, but instead uses an energy-efficient semiconductor cooling technology. It also has a vibration control so your wine is kept still during refrigeration and runs very quietly.

You will definitely save some money if you purchase this cooler over the others on this list. However, we have found that this Danby wine cooler model in particular isn’t very durable. Other Danby products we have had have performed well, but these units tend to have a short lifespan and there have also been reports of other items not working properly such as the internal fans and incorrect or inconsistent cooling temperatures. If you are looking for a wine fridge for your home, you are better off spending a bit more and getting one of the others on this list, save yourself the headache or possibility that you will have to purchase another cooler in a years time.

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Final Verdict

Haier Wine CoolerThe SPT and Newair wine coolers are both fine wine coolers and do the job well, but if we were to recommend one wine cooler it would be the Haier 12 bottle cooler. It is inexpensive, quiet and reliable. It also has the added bonus of having dual zone system so you can keep your favorite wines at the optimal temperature. If you are looking for a 12 bottle wine cooler you really can’t go wrong with the Haier.

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