3 Beer Making Kits We Love – Brewing At Home

The beer making kit has gone a long way since the early days, and now you can brew world class beer in your kitchen like the pros. Of course not all beer making supplies are made equal as some are better than others. To help you make the right decision, here are three beer making products guaranteed to satisfy your thirst for quality and help you fill your beer fridge.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Kit

Mr Beer Home brewing kitThis homebrew beer kit comes with two of the manufacturer’s best loved mixes, and the 2 gallon fermenter is constructed from high quality plastic to ensure all the flavors are retained. The fermenter is light and shatterproof as well, plus it comes with 11 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) reusable plastic bottles. These bottles all have labels and caps.

You also get a couple of Mr. Beer All Malt refills as well as a DVD and a detailed user guide. The entire kit is reusable so you’ll be able to brew more than a few beers right at home. Also, the premium edition kit allows you to brew up to 4 gallons, and thanks to the refill you can brew and drink plenty more.

You need to keep the mixture in the keg for at least 7 days, but if you keep it there longer the more flavorful the beer will be. The mixing process is very straightforward, and if you have any questions the guide will be there to answer.

After 7 days the beer will be carbonated, after which you can put the bottles in the fridge. What makes this a good choice is even if you go with the absolute minimum standard set in the guide, the beer still tastes very good and comparable to the stuff you can buy in stores.

Mr. Beer’s brewed mix doesn’t just taste great but smells nice too. The flavor is unique and light, perfect for long summer days. Each batch can produce 20 to 24 bottles depending on the amount of water you add. Generally speaking, you should add more water if there are plenty of ingredients, but this is largely a matter of personal preference. If you’re serious about home brewed beer, you can’t go wrong here.

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Mr. Beer Craft Brews Collection Complete Home Brewing Kit

Mr Beer home brewing kitBeer making equipment come in different shapes and sizes, and the Mr. Beer Craft Brews Collection is one of the best. Whether you’ve been home brewing beers for a long time or getting started, this will come in handy.

Like other Mr. Beer home kits, the Mr. Beer Craft Brews Collection has a lightweight keg that’s built to last. 100% shatterproof, the keg is made from FDA approved plastic and even when used repeatedly, doesn’t affect the taste or flavor. The package also includes a Diablo IPA Refill, No-Rinse Cleanser & Yeast, and there’s a DVD guide as well.

The DVD is especially useful particularly if you’re a first-time beer brewer, and explanations are very detailed yet easy to follow. Overall, the kit is very easy to use, and the fact that it’s usable means you can brew and brew. The 2 gallon fermenting keg comes with complete with tap and lid assembly, and the PET 740 ml bottles are reusable.

Each batch is good for two gallons so it should last you a while, and the ease of use makes it an attractive option for families and anyone who likes good home brewed beer. Once you go over the simple to follow DVD, brewing will be quick and easy, and it definitely helps that you’re using state of the art brewing equipment. In case you need refills, they’re available in different styles and they’re fully compatible with this kit.

With the Mr. Beer Craft Brews, you can prepare two gallons of beer in as little as two weeks, and the results are delicious. With FDA approved equipment plus reusability, this will be your beer making companion for a long time.

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BrewDemon Signature Beer Kit

BrewDemon home brewing kitThis home brewing kit is one of BrewDemon’s most popular products and deservedly so. With this equipment you can prepare up to two gallons of beer in 14 days, and the beer isn’t the run of the mill type, but high quality mixtures that can rival commercial brands.

The BrewDemon Signature Beer Kit has a pro-style conical fermenter and includes the company’s well known 4.6% ABV all-malt recipe. The package also comes with a hose, bottle filler, mixing spoon, labels and caps. You also get several bottles, a venting plug, a temperature gauge stick-on and adjustable spigot. As you might expect, everything here is reusable, saving you time and money.

While you may see some of these features in other beer making equipment, the BrewDemon fermenting system is different because it allows you to brew like a professional but in smaller, easier to handle batches. The system is easy to use and the results are exceptionally good. As many reviewers have pointed out, the reusable system is reusable and includes your first beer batch.

Compared to other fermenting systems, the conical shape offers superior performance due to the way it handles material, in particular the way it helps brew the mixture. The screw on lid is extra large and cleaning up is as easy as the brewing process. In spite of the unique shape, or perhaps because of it, the fermenter is wider compared to other models, which is nice.

The kit has 8 one-liter reusable plastic bottles and corresponding caps, and you get two cans of beer base good for two gallons. The rinse sanitizer and stirring spoon are very serviceable too, so basically you get everything you need to get started.

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As the reviews above indicate, there are good reasons why these three are among the most popular home beer makers today, and it’s because they’re easy to use and top notch. Now some people will recommend one over the other, and after reading this review you might have already made up your mind, but you’ll come out a winner with any of the three.

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